Riyadh Needs to Start Anti-ISIL Campaign at Home


The Saudi government should fight against the ISIL terrorist group by cracking down on its supporters inside the kingdom, a Saudi analyst and journalist said inreaction to Riyadh's allegations that it intends to send troops to Syria to fight against the terrorists. "Instead of fighting ISIL outside the borders, the Saudi government should first start fighting its affiliates and sponsors who are working against the interests of the Saudi people," Abdulrahman Vassel wrote in the Saudi al-Sharq daily on Sunday. According to him, there are powerful individuals in Saudi Arabia who support the terrorist group financially and politically on social media and state-owned newspapers. "These people are jeopardizing the country's national security and social fabric," Vassel warned

In conclusion, the prominent journalist urged the House of Saud to confront the pro-ISIL groups and individuals before deciding to send troops to Syria under the banner of war on terror
The Saudi Defense Ministry said on Thursday that it stood ready to deploy ground troops to Syria to allegedly aid the US-led anti-ISIL, also known as Daesh, coalition.
Riyadh has been a member of the US-led coalition that has been launching airstrikes against Daesh in Syria since September 2014, without the permission of Damascus or the United Nations. In December 2015, Saudi Arabia started its own Muslim 34-nation coalition to allegedly fight Islamic extremism
Daesh or ISIL/ISIS is a group mentored by Saudi Arabia and has been blacklisted as a terrorist group everywhere in the world, including the United States and Russia, but Saudi Arabia
Syria, Tehran and Moscow have issued stern warnings to Riyadh, stressing that the Saudi intruders, who in fact intend to rescue the terrorists that are sustaining heavy defeats these days, will be crushed in Syria.
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Saturday that any ground operation in Syria without Damascus’ approval is an “act of aggression”, warning that the Saudi aggressors would go back home in coffins

Source: syriatimes

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